Uttarakhand Knowledge Bank

The term ‘Knowledge Bank’ stands for collection of various subject’s e-content (Electronic-Content) which help people (students or may be any person) to get knowledge instantly. Knowledge Portal is flexible and easy to user and may provide almost any kind of content or functionality. Knowledge portal is far more than an information portal because, as well as information navigation and access, it contains within it software technologies to, at least, support the processes of virtual team communication and collaboration and software technologies. It contains intelligent agent software to identify and automatically distribute information and knowledge effectively to knowledge workers based on knowledge profiling. Knowledge bank help individual to get knowledge of their field. In this portal we are providing notes, videos, links  so that user can gain knowledge of  their  field and conduct online test so user take benefit by giving test and see his/her result.


  • Identify, collect, store, manage and make available relevant, quality and up-to-date sources of information to support student.
  • Develop and maintain a comprehensive collection in the field of education.
  • Provide various information and communication technology facilities in step with current advances and user needs;
  • Assist and enhance listening and watching videos skills among users in searching , accessing and acquiring accurate information;
  • Generate competent human resource in every area of knowledge and related activities.